[Focus on] Linear Algebra publications of the CAS3C3 Team of Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann

  1. On fast multiplication of a matrix by its transpose
  2. Elimination-based certificates for triangular equivalence and rank profiles
  3. Interactive Certificates for Polynomial Matrices with Sub-Linear Communication
  4. Exploiting fast matrix arithmetic in block low-rank factorizations
  5. LU factorization with errors
  6. Secure Multi-Party Matrix Multiplication Based on Strassen-Winograd Algorithm
  7. Symmetric indefinite triangular factorization revealing the rank profile matrix
  8. Polynomial Time Interactive Proofs for Linear Algebra with Exponential Matrix Dimensions and Scalars Given by Polynomial Time Circuits
  9. Certificates for triangular equivalence and rank profiles
  10. Time and space efficient generators for quasiseparable matrices
  11. Early Termination in Parametric Linear System Solving and Rational Function Vector Recovery with Error Correction
  12. Fast Computation of the Rank Profile Matrix and the Generalized Bruhat Decomposition
  13. Dual protocols for private multi-party matrix multiplication and trust computations
  14. Prover efficient public verification of dense or sparse/structured matrix-vector multiplication
  15. Linear Time Interactive Certificates for the Minimal Polynomial and the Determinant of a Sparse Matrix
  16. Computing with Quasiseparable Matrices
  17. Matrix multiplication over word-size modular rings using approximate formulae
  18. Recursion based parallelization of exact dense linear algebra routines for Gaussian elimination
  19. Private Multi-party Matrix Multiplication and Trust Computations
  20. Computing the rank profile matrix
  21. Interactive certificate for the verification of Wiedemann's Krylov sequence: application to the certification of the determinant, the minimal and the characteristic polynomials of sparse matrices
  22. Essentially optimal interactive certificates in linear algebra
  23. Parallel computation of echelon forms
  24. Elements of Design for Containers and Solutions in the LinBox Library
  25. Simultaneous computation of the row and column rank profiles
  26. Rank-profile revealing Gaussian elimination and the CUP matrix decomposition
  27. Computational linear algebra over finite fields
  28. Matrix Powers algorithms for trust evaluation in public-key infrastructures
  29. Rank properties of subspaces of symmetric and hermitian matrices over finite fields
  30. Subspaces of matrices with special rank properties
  31. LinBox founding scope allocation, parallel building blocks, and template separate compilation
  32. Efficient Decomposition of Dense Matrices over GF(2)
  33. Exact Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on GPU's and Multicore Architectures
  34. Fast computation of Hermite normal forms of random integer matrices
  35. Memory efficient scheduling of Strassen-Winograd's matrix multiplication algorithm
  36. On finding multiplicities of characteristic polynomial factors of black-box matrices
  37. Dense Linear Algebra over Finite Fields: the FFLAS and FFPACK packages
  38. Faster algorithms for the characteristic polynomial
  39. Compressed Modular Matrix Multiplication
  40. Bounds on the coefficients of the characteristic and minimal polynomials
  41. Parallel Computation of the Rank of Large Sparse Matrices from Algebraic K-theory
  42. Adaptive Triangular System Solving
  43. An introspective algorithm for the integer determinant
  44. Adaptive and Hybrid Algorithms: classification and illustration on triangular system solving
  45. Towards a diagrammatic modeling of the LinBox C++ linear algebra library
  46. Efficient Computation of the Characteristic Polynomial
  47. FFPACK: finite field linear algebra package
  48. Efficient dot product over finite fields
  49. FFLAS: Finite field linear algebra subroutines
  50. Parallel block algorithms for exact triangularizations
  51. Computing the rank of large sparse matrices over finite fields
  52. LinBox: A Generic Library for Exact Linear Algebra
  53. On efficient sparse integer matrix Smith normal form computations
  54. A new parallel algorithm for exact triangularization of rectangular matrices
  55. Smith form via the Valence : Experience with matrices from homology

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